Frequently Asked Questions

  • Real fruit contains real sugar! We want to give you the taste of fruit from the real thing.🍓 🍋🍍🍑
  • Most zero calorie energy drinks contain multiple artificial sweeteners, which are nowhere near as refreshing as fruit.
  • For added sweetness without added sugar, we use a blend of natural low-calorie alternatives — Monk fruit, Stevia, and Organic Erythritol. 

We believe the best experience is to consume our product frozen! However, we've been told that all of our flavors taste great chilled or poured over ice as well. 🧊 

  • Inulin is a type of dietary fiber derived from plants. We get ours from the Blue Agave plant!
  • Inulin is also a natural prebiotic that helps promote the development and establishment of intestinal flora that can help support a healthy digestive tract.
  • Inulin gives Island Ice Energy a smooth consistency.

1. Shake the pouch for 10 seconds to ensure ingredients are evenly spread throughout the pouch.

2.) Place in the freezer until desired consistency is reached (usually 3-5 hours).

3.) Massage the pouch to create an even consistency.

4.) Enjoy your slushy!

*Refreeze or refrigerate after opening*

Left your pouch in the freezer? No worries, our pouches are microwave safe! Place the pouch in the microwave in bouts of 10-20 seconds until desired consistency is reached and massage the pouch before drinking.

If the product has not been opened, it can be stored at room temp. Refrigerate or refreeze within 2 hours of opening.