About Us

The Problem We Faced

We’ve been consuming energy drinks/pre-workouts for years — sipping on something before a workout or going about the day. But we couldn't handle the bloating or heartburn that came with most energy drinks! We were skeptical of companies’ bogus health claims and “magic ingredients.” We were concerned about the potential side effects of consuming artificial sweeteners, synthetic vitamins, and artificial dyes on a daily basis. We wanted something better — something that didn’t taste like synthetic chemicals.

An All Natural Energy Drink

This motivated us to create something better! We spent over 2 years finding the right ingredients, flavors, and manufacturers to create an energy drink that feels clean, energizing, and refreshing. Island Ice Energy is a simple, non-carbonated, all natural energy drink made without any artificial sweeteners, flavors, preservatives, or colors... All with 180mg of caffeine derived from Green Tea Extract.

The First Ever Energy Slushy 🍧

That's right, we made an energy drink that can be frozen and enjoyed as a slushy, mixed in with other ingredients for a mocktail, and so much more! Just shake the pouch and put it in the freezer for 3-5 hours and enjoy a smooth slushy with a massive energy boost. ☀️